Thursday, October 06, 2005

C'est Manu, nos ami francais.

C'etait un bon soir!

Ken & Darla

This is at the pub where we met Catherine's friend from work. Horrible american style sports bar. 3000 miles and ya go to a sports bar?

London City Hall (and Amy)

Isn't that William Shakespeare?

Yes it is and that is the Globe Theater.

Good Ol' Camdentown Markets

Camdentown's like South Street in philly but with big outdoor markets. I think from this picture you can see that Catherine's not as into it as I am.

Cat's Eye over Thames

The London Eye is the hugest ferris wheel i've ever seen. Each of those cars holds like 8-10 people. Wild.

Ken on the Millenium Bridge

Catherine and I had split off from everyone and went tooling about london together. It was a really, really nice day. That is of course big ben, parliament in the background.

The lions of Trafalgar Square

Leicester Square :: A Night in the Pub

It took us forever to find a pub in Leicester Square that didn't have a huge line. This one worked out well.

Curtis & the Girls in Londontown

happy new year

Can you read the sign?

Monday, October 03, 2005

untitled, unbridled

Curtis & Darla on the train to London

this is a much better picture of Curtis, and a nice one of Darla too.

Curtis & Darla at the pub

not one of Curtis' best pics, but a really nice one of Darla

Last night with the ladies

Last night together in Jolly Olde. The girls as always were the life of the party.

the tie that binds

Dan and Amy in the Tube station by our hotel.

Sweet dreams are made of bliss

I love this picture. It's Dan on the train from Stratford-Upon-Avon back down to London. We were all hanging pretty hard on this train ride.

High Tea

Man, I can't ever remember the name of this place! This is the whole crew (minus my sister who drove us there) l-r: amy, dan, catherine, ken, curtis darla. We went here for proper "high tea" which is scones and tea and cream and day-yam is it good, good eating.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

I am a trained professional

Curtis wanted to make the trip the London fire museum, which wound up being in this really out of the way place in South London, and wasn't even open when we got there. I took a bit of luck and some goading on my part (i played the geek) and the fact that Curtis actually is a firefighter to get us in. But we got in and it was pretty cool.

Danson, Manson...

with his game-face on.

this man is mad, bad and dangerous to know!

The Pub

Darla and Catherine at the Pub in Stratford. I have no idea what the name of it was. It was a pub my sister and brother-in-law frequent, so it wasn't a touristy one. We had quite a nice time that night.
Out to dinner on New Year's Eve. Who would have thought that with all the restaurants in Londontown, you'd have to have a reservation?

Parliament, Big Ben

Dan and Amy at Big Ben. I think we all spent about 10 shots on Big Ben. this was the day we went to the bunker where Churchill waited out the Germans.